Tech Week for Tenor

March 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is tech week for Lend Me A Tenor. That means extremely long days for the crew, designers, actors and director. At last night’s tech, we shot photos. We’ve found it’s better to shoot during a run of the show. The photos seem less staged and more genuine, probably because they are not staged and so therefore genuine.

The super high-speed curtain call, which depicts the entire story of the show in short sequence, is hilarious. I thought it might be fun to shoot photos of it from backstage. In this movie below, you can see down the long backstage hallway behind the set during the curtain call. It takes place over about 12 seconds of real time. It was complete mania backstage during this sequence. Everyone you see was running at full speed the entire time. I was almost run over at least twice. Special thanks to our super-duper Assistant Stage Manager, Allison Orr, for having the idea and placing me in a mostly-safe place to stand.


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