Sheetal Bhagat on Master Chef

August 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Metropolis Voice Teacher Sheetal Bhagat is on Master Chef – the Fox Reality TV show featuring Chef Ramsay. I have to admit – I’m not an enormous fan of reality TV. But I do like Sheetal and I do like food. Though last night was the third episode in the series, it was the first one I watched. Mainly because I’d heard she wasn’t in much of the first two episodes.

But now they’re down to like 14 or 16 finalists, from 30-some people. So now I’m watching. This is the same approach I take to Baseball. I watch the World Series only.

Sheetal is an interesting person – she’s recorded a couple of albums, she teaches voice here and I think has her own practice. And now I know that she cooks. And apparently really well.

Here’s the Master Chef page.

Here’s Sheetal’s website where you can see photos – a range of gorgeous to classy.

Here’s her Master Chef Diary

Here’s my pitch, and compliment to Sheetal:

Everyone has a blog. Everyone. I have three, and a fourth to which I contribute. Most blogs you come across are not well written. Most are boring, or narcissistic and self-absorbed and cathartic for the writer in a way that makes me feel I should bill them for my counseling/listening. Sheetal’s is refreshing and genuine and feels down-to-earth. It is of course her writing about her, because that’s a diary. But I have to say, I feel compelled to keep reading. It’s really great stuff. As the writer is undergoing this life-changing experience her writing retains the down-to-earth, warm vibe that I get when I talk to her around the office. It feels natural, not-forced at all, it keeps its humor and she conveys very personal feelings in a way that isn’t heavy-handed or self-serious. It’s a really fun, nice read.

So read it.


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