Guest Post – Abby Rose Mark of Metropolis’ A Christmas Carol cast

December 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Final Farewells

Watching Tiny Tims sob two days in a row in the dressing room after their last shows has finally caught up to the cast, some more than others of course. But the fact is: it’s really almost over.

It’s hard to believe the rambunctious Christmas Carol bunch is not going to be spending never-ending 3-show days nestled around the green room couches drinking tea and munching whatever surprise treat we had that day, much less even one show days! Never-ending is now actually ending. I feel bad for confessing that I’m not even excited for Christmas, and I’d take another show over it any day! (Since it has been Christmas since October for us, after all.)

I cannot even begin to express how great of an experience Carol has been for me this fall/winter. After a much too long year, I couldn’t wait for 2011 to be over. But by chance (aka, lots of nerve wracking auditions!), I happened upon this great little miracle called Metropolis. Sometimes, a show is really all you need to lift your spirits. (Hah…present spirits….See you all are going to miss my corny dad jokes, I know it!)

Now that I’ve molded to the Cratchit family for so many weeks, made constant up and back trips to Biggby’s, danced like a fool in the girls’ dressing room, quick-changed my heart out, stage-makeuped my face into oblivion, witnessed the same game of musical chairs 30 something times (somehow without getting bored of it once), and made an amazing (not group of friends but) family I will never forget, this highlight of my year has put a stop to my complaints, and changed my mind. I’d give anything to continue it all.

So I just wanted to give a little shoutout to the astoundingly talented and welcoming cast of A Christmas Carol ’11, by far the best group of actors and crew I’ve ever worked with (which can definitely be a challenge sometimes in this business ahem!). You have all changed my life, and I know that sounds cheesy, but I honestly mean it. I’m going to miss every one of you to death. My weeknights….no weekends…okay every day, will never be the same without the smiling (and not so smiling at 8 in the morning!) faces of the Carol gang. So I thank every single one of you more than you’ll ever know. This is an experience I’m going to keep with me forever. (Even when I’m an 80 year old lonely bed-ridden cat lady!)


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