Guest Post Christie Kerr Choreographer for The Marvelous Wonderettes

September 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

These past few weeks of rehearsals for The Marvelous Wonderettes have really been fantastic. I’ve really loved working on this show and with such a talented cast and artistic staff. The truly fun part of this show is the great music. The first act is set in 1958 at their Super Senior Prom. So, there are some memorable tunes such as “Mr. Sandman,” “Lollipop,” and “Sincerely.” Act 2 is their 10-year reunion, so it’s set in 1968 which includes “It’s My Party,” ”Respect,” “You Don’t Own Me,” and many more. There are 33 songs in total and I find myself humming each one when I leave rehearsals at night. (Most of the songs are ones that I’m very familiar with, but there are a few that I’ve just discovered and have fallen in love with!)

This has been a fun show to choreograph because of the great music and the diverse styles of dance. I’ve really enjoyed researching all the different girl groups from that time and have found myself watching many YouTube clips! The 1958 style is a bit more reserved, but very clean. The challenge has been getting these seemingly “simple” moves to match on all 4 girls and have them remember the large amount of choreography I’ve been teaching them (and keeping each number straight!). They really are doing a great job retaining everything and having fun along the way! The songs we’re working on (Act 2) are really super. The dance styles of the time allow us a chance to “bust out” a bit more than we did in Act 1. We recently completed choreography to “It’s My Party” and I think it’s one of my favorite numbers so far. This is such a great show that I think audiences of all ages will enjoy.

Another rewarding part of the rehearsal process is getting to see these talented actresses begin to work on their characters and how they develop with the show, music and choreography. We still have a lot to do, but are accomplishing a ton! (I’m exhausted just thinking about it!) I hope you’re able to come and join us–maybe you’ll find yourself singing along! Enjoy the show!!!

Christie Kerr, Choreographer for The Marvelous Wonderettes
Here is some Rehearsal footage Mr. Sandman and It’s In His Kiss


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