Guest Post Director Lauren Rawitz: The Marvelous Wonderettes

September 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Entering Tech Week for The Marvelous Wonderettes

Guest Post from Resident Director Lauren Rawitz


It is always about this time when I start to reflect on the entire rehearsal process. Of course, people who really know me would say that I never stop reflecting, and there is some truth behind those words.

Two days ago, we ended our rehearsals upstairs and headed down to the theatre.

I have to say there is something so familiar and comforting about the little rehearsal room on the second floor. It’s a safe place to explore. A secret place to fail. And a magical place to discover. I always feel some sense of melancholy when we leave the little room upstairs, and walk into the huge theatre downstairs.

This is also the time when I start to think about the cast. Or is it the characters? See, that’s the problem. They start to blend together for me. I realize that I have loved rehearsing with Katie, Amy, Kristine and Ashley. They are all incredibly talented actresses who are willing to throw themselves into their characters and discover their stories. And then I realize that I have also enjoyed working with the characters of Cindy Lou, Betty Jean, Missy and Suzy. I can honestly say that when the show ends, I will miss these four actresses, but I will also miss their characters.

It is also during this week that I become sleep deprived and malnourished – staying up ‘til all hours of the night, obsessing about every detail of the show, while binging on M&Ms (plain) and Diet Coke.

I also notice that I incorporate many of the lines of the show into my daily life. Like today, when I asked my twelve-year-old, “Do you think?” Or when I said, “Attention, Eyes!” to a student at Stevenson High School.

And the music. I really believe a music fairy (or music director, Micky) snuck into my room at night (during one of the few hours I was sleeping) and planted a recording of the whole show in my brain. At Target tonight, I belted out “Heat Wave” in the paper towel aisle. Earlier today, in a doctor’s office, I hummed “Mr. Sandman,” only to find myself switching to the bridge of “Son Of A Preacher Man.” Yesterday, my kids were singing “Respect” around the house, and I could have sworn I heard my husband singing “Lollipop” in the shower.

Maybe you’ll understand more if you come out to see The Marvelous Wonderettes… only don’t blame me if you leave with the “Leader Of The Pack“ singing “Lipstick On Your Collar” as you look for a “Needle In A Haystack” in the parking garage.

Maybe I’ll recognize you as you’re belting “Rescue Me” from your “Secret Love,” that “Stupid Cupid” fixed you up with the night before.

Or better yet, maybe you’ll corner the attractive person in the lobby and cry out, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me,” as they run out yelling “Hey Lucky Lips”….“You Don’t Own Me!”

Well, I’d love to chat more, but I have pages of cues to go over for tomorrow.

“Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight”.

See?   There I go again.


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