Making it in the Theatre Biz

October 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

One key to finding success as a working actor in theatre is mastering audition etiquette. Here are some quick answers to questions we hear all the time about the audition process.

Q: How do I find auditions?

A: There are lots of resources available to you through The League of Chicago Theatres, Actors Access, and even individual theatres’ websites. Then once you find the audition notices, submit, submit, submit!

Q: Should I audition for everything?

A: Being a working actor means taking on new and different roles and challenges that you never expected! But it doesn’t mean that every role is right for you. Be sure you read audition notices carefully and only submit for the role if you feel you’re a fit, or if you feel it’s something you can reasonably stretch your skills to fit.

Q: What should I wear to auditions?

A: Unless the notice says otherwise, professional attire is best. Really, this is like a job interview and you want to make a solid first impression! Some notices, generally for musicals with a dance call, will tell you to dress comfortably or to bring a change of clothes that you can move in.

I know you have even more questions about making it in the theatre biz… How should I prepare for my audition? What’s the difference between Equity and non-Equity actors? What goals should I set along the way? What should I include on my acting resume?

If those questions and more are racing through your mind right about now, be sure to check out our upcoming workshop: How To Make It In The Theatre Biz. It’s tips and tricks from Metropolis Artistic Director Robin Hughes and Executive Director Charlie Beck – and there will be plenty of time for more Q & A! It’s the perfect workshop for adult actors (seasoned and green) and parents of child actors.

How To Make It In The Theatre Biz: Monday, November 12, 6:30-8PM, $45

To register, click here or call 847.577.5982 x244


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