Musical Improvisation

November 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Which famous musicians improvise? I bet you didn’t know that Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Miles Davis were some of the best improvisers of all time. Most of us associate musical improvisation only in jazz music, but that’s only part of it! Mozart began improvising as a child. His Prague Symphony, premiered in 1787, ended with a half hour of improvisation by Mozart himself.

Much of the music composed today depends a lot on improvisation. The creativity of musicians can really influence how a composer writes.

Ready to learn how to improvise? Check out our 1 day workshop on Musical Improvisation. Learn how to just sit down and create your own music by using scales, chords and rhythms. Enjoy a laid back and fun atmosphere as you learn about melody, accompaniment, grooves, theory and how to apply it to your music. This one day work shop will culminate in a jam session and solo performances! A great way to get you started on one of the most important and useful skills a musician can have.

Musical Improvisation Workshop is Saturday, December 8 from 11am – 1pm for ages 12 and up. Call 847.577.5982 x240 or click here to register.



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