Q & A with Alex DiGiacinto of Second City

August 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

DiGiacinto_Alex_05-2011 smMetropolis: Where did you grow up?

Alex: New Hampshire, in a town called Hollis, about an hour from Boston.

Metropolis: What brought you to Chicago?

Alex: I moved to Chicago to finish my academic studies and to study sketch and improv. I graduated from Columbia College, here in Chicago, with a degree in Cultural Studies/Social Anthropology.

Metropolis: How did you get started in acting and improv?

Alex: I started in high school. I dabbled with stand-up and improv a lot in between high school and college and then eventually took a more “full time” approach when I moved here.

Metropolis: When did you join Second City?

Alex: I started my employment at Second City as a bartender and host in 2008. I worked just as an employee of the theater, not an actor, for a year about. Then I left for a while and made my way back into the employment ranks as an actor somewhere around 2010.

Metropolis: What are some highlights of working with Second City?

Alex: Getting this job was certainly a highlight, as it was a long term goal of mine. The day I was offered a touring company spot will stay in my memory for a while. Also, just all the great people I’ve met studying comedy and working for SC specifically. As a person who loves to laugh as much as he loves to make people laugh, being in the presence of hilarious people daily is a blessing.

Metropolis: Do you have a favorite moment in Happily Ever Laughter?

Alex: Well, I don’t want to spoil anything, but our director, the talented and amazing Jen Ellison, has really worked on incorporating some interesting themes into the show that speak to the modern times, dealing with technology, etc., so working on that aspect was really fun and interesting for me.

Metropolis: What’s your next project after Happily Ever Laughter closes?

Alex: A full fall season of touring America with the Second City. This is a busy time for those of us on the road, so a lot of travel. I’m looking forward to seeing some interesting places and some warm audiences. Maybe Second City will send us to some tropical locales as the temperature drops here in Illinois!



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