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Guest post from Christmas Carol cast member Martin Hughes

This post is inspired in part by the most recent contribution made from our ranks. We recently had a designer run with members of the children’s chorus joining us and it was truly wonderful to have all of us together to put the show on its feet. As diligently as the adult cast members (and Tiny Tims, of course) have been rehearsing, you really can’t replace the presence (or the energy) that the children’s chorus brings to the show. All logistics aside (which are incredibly important to not bumping into one another and whatnot), the creative spark is fueled by the contributions of everyone together, which is why it was so integral to have the time with all of us together to breathe life into this work.

So why “Family”, you ask? Because, as an actor, you’re constantly creating communities with your fellow actors. I much prefer to think of them as family because, as with your own, it’s not always roses, and that’s okay. We learn our likes and dislikes, we make each other laugh, and we’re there for each other when things get rough because, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to fully share ourselves on stage in our work. I don’t care what anyone says, no person is an island; an individual can be talented, but a supportive community can be transformative, and, to me, that is at the core of our work. So, in our time together, we create a family, a family of all the characters that I’m sure you have in your own family (except the Ghosts…possibly), to bring light and life to the stage, so that you bring your own light to others in your life.

As we come closer and closer to opening, the prospect of sharing our work with you all becomes more and more exciting. Our family can’t wait to meet yours! :-)



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