Q & A with Kelsey Kinney of Second City

December 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Kinney, Kelsey_2013_smMetropolis: Holidays in the Heights celebrates both the highs and lows of the holiday season. What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) things about this time of year?

Kelsey: There’s plenty to love about this time of year, but some of my seasonal favorites include singing Lou Monte’s “Dominick the Donkey” as loudly and as often as possible, blaming all of my recent weight gain on “the holidays,” and of course, scoring some free change when CTA do-gooders mistakenly equate my diligent coat-layering with homelessness.

Metropolis: Without giving too much away, what is your favorite sketch from Holidays in the Heights?

Kelsey: There’s a scene in act two that takes a look back on a very special Thanksgiving. It warms my heart and funny bone every time.

Metropolis: That famous New York sketch show has some pretty memorable holiday scenes as well. Are there any that stand out in your mind as favorites or that inspired you in any way?

Kelsey: Too many to choose from, but I have a very vivid memory of watching a holiday sketch of Eddie Murphy’s Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. He was conning children into buying dolls with actual heads of cabbage in place of real heads. I never wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid so much in my life.

Metropolis: And, of course, what we all really want to know… egg nog or hot chocolate?

Kelsey: Hot schnapplate: 3 parts hot chocolate, 2 parts peppermint schnapps… Unless the holidays are really stressing you out; then your booze-pouring hand should know no bounds.

Catch Kelsey in The Second City’s Holidays in the Heights at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre – playing through December 31st. Click here for more info, show times and tickets.



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