Guest post from Christmas Carol cast member David Nadolski

December 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello!!! I wanted to take a quick moment to take you back stage with us for one last time. Today is Saturday, December 21st and I am backstage and just about to go into act 2!

This show has been wonderful, and so have the cast and crew. I am honored to know and work with all of them. And I am especially impressed with their professionalism. Yesterday, we had 8 hours between shows and all were able to let our hair down in downtown Arlington Heights. There we ate at Dunton House, caught a movie and when all was said and done, were able to come right back to the theatre and put on a show for a wonderful audience. It was great to see the dichotomy between the professional and personal worlds, along with how close we have become over the run.

And so this is the part where I let you in on a little actor secret: no matter how professional a cast and crew are, there is one universal fact when it comes to acting… the energy our audience brings is the key to an energetic performance. Whether it be applause after our dance numbers or the excitement of our student audiences when the lights go down; it’s YOU who are the secret key to our success.

So as we wind down the show and share it with you for one last weekend, I am brought to an appreciation of what the audience has given me and the rest of the cast… your support. Scrooge says it best at the end of the show, “Your presence is gift enough” (though I’d add that any donation to Tickets for Hope, Metropolis, etc. are much appreciated). But even more, your presence is a gift that keeps on giving. So with that said, thank you for your time and generosity. Thank you for your support and presence. And most of all, thank you for including us in what has become a very special holiday tradition for us all.

Best Wishes and Warm Regards,

David Nadolski

“Bob Cratchit”



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