Executive Director Charlie Beck on Half and Half

March 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

     ‘Tracy and Hepburn, Russel and Grant, Streep and Hoffman. When a great actor and actress come together amazing things can happen.
     This was going through my mind as I watched one of the last dress rehearsals for our next production ‘Half & Half’. Andrew Pond and Julie Partyka are the pair that brought those images to mind. At times so comic as they play against one another. At times poignant and oh so painfully truthful that it took my breath away. They are ably supported by Katie Hunter who plays their daughter rounding out a fine cast that I am sure will be enjoyed by all.
     The story is intriguing as well, looking at a family beginning in the early 70’s and then jumping ahead to modern life. Drawing out the challenges of marital and family life that spans the decades of time. How we seem to relive the same issues in our society, in our relationships over and over. Set in Chicago it is also fun to watch to catch the local references.
     ‘Half & Half’ stands out in my mind as one of the most well written plays we have produced this season. Crisp dialogue that explores the foibles of married life, and as delivered by Andrew and Julie will have you reflecting on your own relationships.
     It’s another production that we are proud to present here at Metropolis, from cast to crew to the able Direction of a Metropolis favorite David Belew, ‘Half & Half’ will make you laugh and make you cry but will provide just the tonic we need to bring us out of this prolonged winter into the warmth of spring.
We do amazing things at Metropolis. This is a great example of just that.
Running March 13 – April 13 Call 847-577-2121 to purchase tickets

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