Director David Belew on The 39 Steps

February 11, 2016 § Leave a comment

Our journey towards opening night for “The 39 Steps” is coming close to the end. Last night, we worked on stage with all the set pieces for the first time, and Sunday we put all the lights, sound and costumes in place. Next week we have three dress rehearsals and 4 previews, and we are officially open. I can’t wait for audiences to see what we’ve been working on for the past two months.

“The 39 Steps” challenges us to put a movie on stage, with all its multiple locations, chase scenes, and quick fades in place. How do we handle that theatrically? Well, you start by putting most of the set pieces on wheels, and then constantly work to figure out how to move things in the most efficient manner possible. We’re also working to use lights to isolate areas of the stage so we can have one scene going on while another is being set. Our two backstage personnel are constantly moving and shifting set pieces so we have the right pieces ready to roll at the right times.

It took 28 actors to film the movie version, but we’re doing it onstage with only 4. Edward Fraim only has to play one role as he is our leading man, Richard Hannay. Ellen Cribbs plays all three of the beautiful, mysterious women he meets on his journey. Andrew Pond and Joseph Daniels play everyone else – a constant parade of costume changes, accents, and silly walks. In one scene alone, they each play three characters simultaneously.

So what are The 39 Steps? Will our hero keep top secret information from leaving the country? Who can do the biggest, baddest Scottish accent? Will all of those set and costume changes happen correctly every night? You’ll just have to join us a Metropolis to get the answers to these all important questions.

39 Steps horizontal.jpg


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