HAIR The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

May 18, 2017 § Leave a comment

Political upheaval. Social unrest. Protests and flower power and race and activism. These themes were common to the 1960s and, to a considerable degree, they still echo through our society. While HAIR celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, it continues to be dynamically relevant, topically important and most of all, a touching tribute to hope and peace, love and freedom. I wish I could say this classic musical is merely nostalgic but its themes are more important now than ever.

Having offered those ideas, this show is even more important as a work of engaging, riveting entertainment. Young hippies searching for love and truth and connection, “adults” who try to protect young ones from a world no one understands and, always the music, the timeless lovely melodies, the powerfully magnificent songs and solos and orchestrations of HAIR resonate into music theater history.

HAIR is famous for many things including the moment – the hippie tribe shedding clothes – that changed legitimate theater forever. Certainly nudity is firmly rooted in many forms of theater, from the ancient Greeks through Burlesque and then today’s works of art, the human body has been celebrated and revealed in its many glories. And yes, we are adhering to the original script and interpretation – though I add that our depiction of the human body is done with reverence, taste and dramatic significance. It is an important moment and one we respect with all our collective power.

In the spirit of the age, our rendition of HAIR is notable for another attribute: our Director, Choreographer and Musical Director are female. Lauren Rawitz, Jen Cupani and Kailey Rockwell are dynamic, powerful artists at the peak of their capabilities. They provide talents and experience which have helped mold our young cast into a tribe of extraordinary strength and unity.

As you might gather, I dearly love this show for too many reasons to list. But perhaps the most important reason is that I grew up with this show. HAIR deeply affected this young, aspiring theater person at a formative time, a phase when the messages of love and hope and peace and music helped shape me and moved the world around us all.

Aquarius, Hair, Easy to Be Hard, Good Morning Starshine – these songs delivered by a powerhouse cast will carry you back to a time when peace and love were more important than money, power and ambition. I hope you love this HAIR as much as I do.

– Joe Keefe, Executive/Artistic Director


NEW Hair horizontal.jpg


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