An annual tradition

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Since 2002, each year at this time, Metropolis is proud to present our production of A Christmas Carol. Though we may reuse set pieces and costumes from year to year, each new director and cast bring about a refreshed telling of the holiday classic. This year, Metropolis presents an adaptation of A Christmas Carol written by our resident playwright Scott Woldman, with music by Micky York (who also directs this year). Scott and Micky put some extra time and care into the script this year, expanding and revising some scenes to make this year’s production even more delightful for our audiences. Here’s a quick look back at the last few years of A Christmas Carol at Metropolis with some photos.

Click here for more info, dates and show times for Metropolis’ production of A Christmas Carol, playing through December 24.

2007 Production

2007 Production

2008 Production

2008 Production

2009 Production

2009 Production

2010 Production

2010 Production

2011 Production

2011 Production

2012 Production

2012 Production

2013 Production

2013 Production

Guest post from Christmas Carol cast member David Nadolski

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As we make our way through tech rehearsals, the cast is spending quite a bit of time together. Here are a few photos from our recent rehearsals.

Stage Manager Holly Marshall gives direction from the house to the cast on stage

Stage Manager Holly Marshall gives direction from the house to the cast on stage


Me, as Bob Cratchit, in a scene with Myrin Vollkommer as Tiny Tim and Claire Katz-Mariani as Belinda Cratchit


Our two Tiny Tims (Myrin Vollkommer and Sophie Rohr) enjoy some down time


Rachel Tietz (Belle) and Martin Hughes (Belle’s Husband), with Jerry Miller looking on as Scrooge


Kris Hyland and Rachel Shapiro as Peter and Martha Cratchit rest between their scenes in the well


Our Favorite Things: Five Course Love

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Amanda Bloom, Amy Malouf and Greg Foster in Five Course Love

Amanda Bloom, Amy Malouf and Greg Foster in Five Course Love

We asked the cast and director of Five Course Love to share some of their favorite moments about the show. These are just a piece of what they shared!

“I have to say that there are equal amounts of favorite moments onstage and off! It’s a whole other show backstage – changing costumes, wigs, getting roller skates on, untangling my phone cord… it’s a bundle of fun. One of my other favorite things Greg [Foster], Amanda [Bloom], Micky [York] and myself do before every show is we huddle together as a group, hug and pat each other on the back saying ‘got your back.’ It’s cool!” – Amy Malouf, actor

“There is a whole other show happening off stage. Holly (Assistant Stage Manager) and Rachel (Wardrobe Mistress) help me with a lot of my costume changes and one show we even had to switch out my microphone cord in the middle of the show, so there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. There are tons of favorite moments on stage, too. I love the phone cord section in Italy. One night, when I shushed Amy as she was choking, someone in the audience very clearly laughed and said something like, ‘Oh my god, she’s shushing her.’ Moments like that are always so much fun, but we’ve still got to stay in character and not get thrown by audience reaction. Germany might be the most fun for me. I have two songs where I get to go into the house and play with the audience. It’s always different and always a lot of fun.” – Amanda Bloom, actor

“When approaching a show, an actor needs to analyze his/her character, complete with a physical life and vocal sound. In most shows, one actor does this for one character. In Five Course Love, however, each of the three actors had to do this for five drastically different characters. As the director, it was the ‘drastically different’ part that required so much attention. Each rehearsal was spent working not just on music or dance or staging, but on characterization– how each of the 15 characters moved and sounded as they sang, danced and walked on stage. The attention to this part of the process is what makes seeing Five Course Love so enjoyable – as the show progresses, one becomes excited about who will show up next.” – Krista Hansen, director

The show runs through June 16, so you still have a chance to catch these and the many more memorable moments of Five Course Love

at Metropolis.


The making of an omelet

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There's A Girl In My Soup rehearsal

There’s A Girl In My Soup rehearsal

For our latest production There’s A Girl In My Soup, actor Russell Alan Rowe plays renowned chef Robert Danvers. For one scene, Rowe makes an omelet (yes, a fully edible one) on stage, while delivering his lines. Wow!


Check out this video to see the scene.

Thanks to stage manager Carly Franz for the photo and video.

Opening night of The Andrews Brothers

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Left to right: Matt Edmonds, Lauren Creel, Patrick Tierney, James Nedrud

We caught several audience members boogie-ing to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and singing along to “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree” at last night’s opening performance of The Andrews Brothers.

We also heard their reviews after the show…

“So fun!”

“Another good one!”

“They didn’t even have time to breathe between songs”

“What a really great show”

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Silly day for Little Lights Up

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It’s silly day for the Little Lights Up campers. So of course that means drinking applesauce with a straw for snack!

New photo gallery live online

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We’ve been building this thing for a while. It’s now live. You can reach it by clicking on the “backstage” link in our main navigation – then click on photo galleries. Or click this:

We’re going to be adding new shows as they come, but also expanding our archives. We have an enormous backlog of photography and we’re going to try to keep adding stuff. Take a look. Two of our newest galleries include photos from The Bacon Brother and Michael Ingersoll and the Jersey Boys.

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