48 performances in April

April 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Our Production Manager, Robin M. Hughes, just pointed out to me that we have four shows either in production, or rehearsal, plus another six one-nighters in April alone. I lose perspective since, in Marketing we work so far out.I sometimes forget what is going on right now.

Right now we have:

  • Lend Me A Tenor running Thursday-Sunday nights – it’s our third subscription show in the 08/09 season.
  • Cinderella from the Chicago Kids Company running two shows a day during the mornings.
  • The Diary Anne Frank in rehearsal – opening next Monday. Which means they’re about to begin tech week
  • Those Little Rascals in rehearsal. This is a SOPA kids show that is on May 1 & 2.

This doesn’t even count Score by Score: The Best of Broadway Musicals Featuring Rodgers & Hammerstein, which is tonight, or Baby the Musical,  which just began rehearsals, or the Metropolis Youth Symphony which had a concert last Sunday night, the Lakeside Singers on April 27 or three nights of Dance Week on April 24-26.

That’s a total of 48 performances, of nine shows.

If this sounds like I’m promoting shows, I’m not. Really. I simply find it amazing how much goes on here. It’s a real testament to Robin, our Resident Master Electrician Mike Wagner, Resident Sound Designer Bill Franz, our Technical Director Mike Gehmlich, or Micky York, Carley Hengels, Joe Mohamed, Vicky Strei, Melissa Neal, Allison Orr and about a dozen other of our regular technicians and designers.

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