Guest post from Christmas Carol cast member David Nadolski

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Hello!!! I wanted to take a quick moment to take you back stage with us for one last time. Today is Saturday, December 21st and I am backstage and just about to go into act 2!

This show has been wonderful, and so have the cast and crew. I am honored to know and work with all of them. And I am especially impressed with their professionalism. Yesterday, we had 8 hours between shows and all were able to let our hair down in downtown Arlington Heights. There we ate at Dunton House, caught a movie and when all was said and done, were able to come right back to the theatre and put on a show for a wonderful audience. It was great to see the dichotomy between the professional and personal worlds, along with how close we have become over the run.

And so this is the part where I let you in on a little actor secret: no matter how professional a cast and crew are, there is one universal fact when it comes to acting… the energy our audience brings is the key to an energetic performance. Whether it be applause after our dance numbers or the excitement of our student audiences when the lights go down; it’s YOU who are the secret key to our success.

So as we wind down the show and share it with you for one last weekend, I am brought to an appreciation of what the audience has given me and the rest of the cast… your support. Scrooge says it best at the end of the show, “Your presence is gift enough” (though I’d add that any donation to Tickets for Hope, Metropolis, etc. are much appreciated). But even more, your presence is a gift that keeps on giving. So with that said, thank you for your time and generosity. Thank you for your support and presence. And most of all, thank you for including us in what has become a very special holiday tradition for us all.

Best Wishes and Warm Regards,

David Nadolski

“Bob Cratchit”


An annual tradition

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Since 2002, each year at this time, Metropolis is proud to present our production of A Christmas Carol. Though we may reuse set pieces and costumes from year to year, each new director and cast bring about a refreshed telling of the holiday classic. This year, Metropolis presents an adaptation of A Christmas Carol written by our resident playwright Scott Woldman, with music by Micky York (who also directs this year). Scott and Micky put some extra time and care into the script this year, expanding and revising some scenes to make this year’s production even more delightful for our audiences. Here’s a quick look back at the last few years of A Christmas Carol at Metropolis with some photos.

Click here for more info, dates and show times for Metropolis’ production of A Christmas Carol, playing through December 24.

2007 Production

2007 Production

2008 Production

2008 Production

2009 Production

2009 Production

2010 Production

2010 Production

2011 Production

2011 Production

2012 Production

2012 Production

2013 Production

2013 Production

Guest post from Christmas Carol cast member David Nadolski

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As we make our way through tech rehearsals, the cast is spending quite a bit of time together. Here are a few photos from our recent rehearsals.

Stage Manager Holly Marshall gives direction from the house to the cast on stage

Stage Manager Holly Marshall gives direction from the house to the cast on stage


Me, as Bob Cratchit, in a scene with Myrin Vollkommer as Tiny Tim and Claire Katz-Mariani as Belinda Cratchit


Our two Tiny Tims (Myrin Vollkommer and Sophie Rohr) enjoy some down time


Rachel Tietz (Belle) and Martin Hughes (Belle’s Husband), with Jerry Miller looking on as Scrooge


Kris Hyland and Rachel Shapiro as Peter and Martha Cratchit rest between their scenes in the well


Checking in with our Tiny Tims

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We asked a few questions of Myrin Vollkommer (8) and Sophie Rohr (9), our two actors sharing the role of Tiny Tim in our upcoming production of A Christmas Carol, to get their take on the show and the holiday season.

Did you know the story of A Christmas Carol before rehearsals started?
Myrin: Yes, I liked when Scrooge changed his attitude.
Sophie: I sort of knew the story because I watched the Disney movie. I thought it was cool with all of the visits from the spirits.

What’s your favorite moment in this show? 
Myrin: When Scrooge meets the delivery guy and says “I want to kiss you.”
Sophie: My favorite moment is when Tiny Tim says “God bless us, everyone!”

Why do you like playing Tiny Tim? 
Myrin: Because I like acting.
Sophie: I like having the last line in the show.

What’s the hardest part of playing Tiny Tim? 
Myrin: The crutch.
Sophie: There is no hard part. It’s just fun!

What are you most looking forward to once performances begin? 
Myrin: Performing in front of a live audience.
Sophie: Having fun performing.

What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?  
Myrin: Getting presents.
Sophie: Hanging out with my family.

Are there any special gifts on your wishlist this year? 
Myrin: ipad
Sophie: I really want a microscope because I love science.

See Myrin and Sophie in A Christmas Carol running November 29 – December 24 at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in downtown Arlington Heights.

Guest post from Christmas Carol cast member Lara Allison

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IMG_3722Hello, my name is Lara Allison, and I am an actor in A Christmas Carol at Metropolis. I’m 12 years old and in seventh grade at South Middle School in Arlington Heights. I was in A Christmas Carol last year too, and I am SO glad to be returning. I had such a great experience last year, and I really hope this year ends up being just as, or even more, fun.

I have a few new roles this year. I’m playing Fred’s daughter, which is new to the script, and we also added an orphan part that looks interesting! I also get to reprise my favorite role of Ignorance in the last Christmas Present scene.

In rehearsals for the last month, the kids have been doing a lot of blocking, singing and dancing. This year’s “Fill Up The Bowl” song and dance scene is much more extravagant, and that takes a lot of energy!

Yesterday was basically the first rehearsal with all the adults and the kids. It was pretty exciting to be meeting everyone all together for the first time. I only recognized Holly (the stage manager), Micky (the director),and actors  Josh, Dave, Tyler, Margie and Claire who also are returning from last year. Everyone in the cast seems funny and friendly. I am super excited to do my 14 shows with them, including one show that my entire 7th grade class is coming to see!

Tech week is coming up and that looks like a lot of fun too, but it also seems like I’m going to have a lot of homework that week (there always seems to be more homework when you’re in a show)!  During tech, every element that isn’t produced by the actors comes into play – like the lighting, set and sound. It’s when the entire show comes together. I really hope the tech rehearsals go smoothly, and then . . . it’s show time!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. If possible, please come to one of our shows (playing November 29 – December 24) and enjoy A Christmas Carol 2013!

Happy Holidays!




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Guest post from Christmas Carol cast member Martin Hughes

This post is inspired in part by the most recent contribution made from our ranks. We recently had a designer run with members of the children’s chorus joining us and it was truly wonderful to have all of us together to put the show on its feet. As diligently as the adult cast members (and Tiny Tims, of course) have been rehearsing, you really can’t replace the presence (or the energy) that the children’s chorus brings to the show. All logistics aside (which are incredibly important to not bumping into one another and whatnot), the creative spark is fueled by the contributions of everyone together, which is why it was so integral to have the time with all of us together to breathe life into this work.

So why “Family”, you ask? Because, as an actor, you’re constantly creating communities with your fellow actors. I much prefer to think of them as family because, as with your own, it’s not always roses, and that’s okay. We learn our likes and dislikes, we make each other laugh, and we’re there for each other when things get rough because, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to fully share ourselves on stage in our work. I don’t care what anyone says, no person is an island; an individual can be talented, but a supportive community can be transformative, and, to me, that is at the core of our work. So, in our time together, we create a family, a family of all the characters that I’m sure you have in your own family (except the Ghosts…possibly), to bring light and life to the stage, so that you bring your own light to others in your life.

As we come closer and closer to opening, the prospect of sharing our work with you all becomes more and more exciting. Our family can’t wait to meet yours! :-)


Guest post from Christmas Carol cast member Annika Churchill

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Annika is a member of the children’s chorus in this year’s production of A Christmas Carol.

I just turned 14 and A Christmas Carol is my first show with Metropolis. I have had a lot of fun in this show so far! One time for a break in rehearsal, the other kids and I sat around telling scary stories. Yesterday we had our first walk through. After an hour of practicing parts of the show, it went really well. It’s cool how fast the show has come together. I can’t wait for the shows to start!

A Christmas Carol opens November 29 and runs through December 24 at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights.


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