Men of many faces

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In preparation for their role in a play, actors put lots of careful thought and time into developing their character. But what if you were asked to develop not one, but 10 different characters for one play? Quite the challenge!

Thankfully for us, veteran Metropolis actor Andrew Pond and Metropolis newcomer Matthias Austin were up for the challenge for their roles in our upcoming production of Greater Tuna. They play 10 and 11 characters, respectively, for this spoof on small town life in Tuna, Texas. The photos below show them becoming just a few of their characters, using rehearsal costumes and props to help set the scene.


Matthias as Stanley, Andrew as Bertha


Andrew as Elmer


Matthias as Chad, Andrew as Bertha


Matthias as Vera, Andrew as Rev

It’s amazing to watch these men put on different dialects, along with wigs, high heels, robes and more, to create so many unique characters. In one scene, Matthias enters as a young child, leaves, returns as a surly teen, leaves, and returns once more as a reporter.

Here’s the complete who’s who of Greater Tuna:

Andrew Pond plays: Thurston, Elmer, Bertha, Yippy, Leonard, Pearl, RR, Rev, Sheriff and Hank.

Matthias Austin plays: Arles, Didi, Harold, Petey, Jody, Stanley, Charlene, Chad, Phinas, Vera and Coach.

Wow! Don’t miss these men of many faces in Greater Tuna at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, running January 16 – February 16. Click here for show dates, times and more info.

Let’s Compare

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As a preview of our upcoming run of Eclectic Theatre Company’s The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (running June 28 – August 10), we thought we would let you know just what you’re in for by comparing Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus to its representation in Complete Shakespeare (as we call it for short).

In Shakespeare’s play, Roman general Titus is in a brutal, bloody war of revenge with empress Tamora. When Titus kills Tamora’s eldest son, she repays him by beheading two of his sons, cutting off his daughter’s hands and tongue, and banishing Titus’ other son. In return, Titus kills Tamora’s sons, bakes them into a pie, and serves the pie to Tamora. There is, of course, more killing after this, but it’s this moment of concocting and serving Chiron and Demetrius pie that Complete Shakespeare really has fun with…

TITUS ANDRONICUS enters wearing an apron and carrying a large butcher’s knife. He is somewhat reminiscent of Julia Child.

TITUS:  Good evening, everyone! Good evening, gore-mets, and welcome to ‘Roman Meals.’ I’m your host, Titus Androgynous. Now, when you’ve had a long day – your left hand chopped off, your sons murdered, your daughter raped, her tongue cut out, and both her hands chopped off – well, the last thing you want to do is cook. Unless, of course, you cook the rapist and serve him to his mother at a dinner party! My daughter Lavinia and I will show you how.

But never fear; the show does incorporate lines from the original Shakespeare. Lavinia enters, letting Titus know, with rather garbled words, that she’s not so well as her tongue’s been chopped out. To which Titus responds…

TITUS: I know. It’s a pisser, isn’t it? But we’ll get our revenge, won’t we?
“Now hark, villain. I will grind your bones to dust,
And of your blood and it I’ll make a paste;
And of the paste a coffin I will rear
And make a pasty of your shameful head.
Come, Lavinia, receive the blood.”
First of all, we want to make a nice clean incision from carotid artery to jugular vein (slicing RAPIST’s throat), like so.

The text certainly paints a picture, but just wait until you see it on our stage! The show is in excellent hands with favorite Metropolis actors Adam Kander, Andrew Pond and Michael Woods who will have you laughing your way through all 37 works of William Shakespeare.

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