They’re off to see the wizard

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From Metropolis' 2011 High School Performance Experience production

From Metropolis’ 2011 High School Performance Experience production

Metropolis School of the Performing Arts is getting a jump start on celebrating the 75th anniversary of the classic film The Wizard of Oz with our own production of the show! While our all-student cast is hard at work in rehearsal, we checked in with director Marlene Flood about her take on the classic show.

“It’s such a wonderful story,” said Flood. “At each rehearsal, we talk about the importance of presenting this show as honestly as possible. If the cast believes every element of the story, they’ll truly transport the audience to the Wonderful Land of Oz.”

So how do you make a classic story exciting for the audience? “The script is so well written,” notes Flood, “that it doesn’t really need anything extra added. We do have some great casting that will add some interest. We have a fantastic girl playing the Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz role, and another girl playing the Scarecrow. They’re both making creative decisions about their characters that make them very special.”

Also watch for some younger actors as the Munchkins and a “surprise demise” for the Wicked Witch.

Finally, Flood noted how she’s enjoyed working with this all-student cast. “Most young performers have a fearless approach to creating, and the results can be an inspiring, enlightening performance of a character. They think of aspects that sometimes I haven’t even mentioned to them, and it is always so rewarding to see them think onstage as their character!”

Don’t miss Metropolis School of the Performing Arts’ production of The Wizard of Oz, November 7-9.

School is back in session!

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092711_1080Our School of the Performing Arts began its fall session this week with the start of private lessons. Our personalized lessons are very popular among our music students. Just how popular, you ask? Check it out!

Just over 200 students are enrolled in private lessons this fall. That’s 49 voice students, 6 flute, 2 clarinet, 63 piano, 3 percussion, 1 french horn, 28 violin and 55 guitar. By the end of the session, that will add up to more than 1,700 hours of private lessons given by 14 music school faculty members. Wow!

Worried that you’re missing out? Then join the fun! Call the Music School Office at 847.577.5982 x240 to learn more about our private lessons.

Group classes are more your thing? We have those too! Check out the info on our music, drama, dance, adult and early childhood group classes – all starting the week of September 16.

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