A tribute to The Mother Road

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IMG_1515This is the second year that Tom and Carol DeBartolo of Schaumburg have been Subscribers at Metropolis. This year, the Metropolis Subscription Series kicks off with the jukebox musical Route 66 – and Tom and Carol were particularly excited for this show. As it turns out, Carol likes to decorate the DeBartolo garage with a theme. The latest theme: Route 66.

Carol just had to let us know of the coincidence and she was kind enough to share some photos of her newly redecorated garage. (See more below)

Previously, Carol had created a sunny skied beach, complete with sand, in the garage. But she said it was looking “tired” and they needed a change.

“I thought, what better than Route 66 for a decorated garage,” Carol said. “There are hand drawn caricatures, Route 66 memorabilia, photos of Route 66 destinations, and photos of all the cars we’ve ever owned.”

Tom and Carol also raved about Metropolis’ production of Route 66, noting that they really enjoyed the show, especially the music.

Looking for even more Route 66 memories? Come see the show (running through October 20) or stop by our lobby to check out our new visual arts display featuring photographs from along Route 66 by David Kay Images, Ltd.


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Guest Post from Route 66 actor Timothy Sullivan

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Putting it Together

Hello all! My name is Timothy Sullivan and I am part of the cast of Route 66 which is currently playing at Metropolis. I was asked to contribute a few posts to this blog. Here is my first go.

A little about myself. I am a proud Wisconsinite from the small town of Amery, WI. I went to undergrad at Lawrence University and graduate school at Western Illinois University. I moved to Chicago last year and am fast falling love with the city. Enough about me though.

I want to talk a bit about our rehearsals. The wonderful thing about theater is the journey, from large to small companies, tends to start in a room with a few chairs and tape on the floor to show you how the stage is laid out. Rooms much like the room pictured here, which is where our production of Route 66 took form. You have an idea of the world that you will be inhabiting on the stage but what you have in tangible form in the beginning is your fellow cast members. This is key. You have each other with no set to distract you.

Starting in late July, we rehearsed in that room with each other Monday through Friday from 7:00-10:00pm. We did not see the set until the last week of rehearsal. The time together allowed us to build the chemistry and relationships that we needed to tell the story. One of the challenges of this show is that there is no script, just a collection of songs in a particular order. However, it is still a musical. So finding the arc of the story we wanted to tell and building our relationships was a critical part of the rehearsal process. Otherwise, why not just have a concert?

I hope you enjoy the result of our work! If you have any questions about Route 66 that you would like answered, you can e-mail timblogsroute66@gmail.com. I can’t promise I will answer every e-mail, but I will try to answer a few questions in future blog posts.

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