Why I Support Metropolis: Board Member Denise Beihoffer

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My husband Tom and I have been season subscribers at Metropolis since the theater opened in 2000. At that time, we had a 3-year-old and were looking for opportunities for pre-scheduled “date nights.” Metropolis provided a great option for us to enjoy quality live theater in an intimate setting, while also supporting the local community. As we live only 8 blocks from the theater, an added bonus was our ability to walk to and from the theater and the surrounding downtown restaurants when the weather was nice. 

Metropolis Summer Camp_20100709_6885colorAs she grew, our daughter Kristina performed in several Curtains Up! productions over the years, including her favorite role of Tinkerbell in the 2010 production of Peter Pan. As a parent, there is nothing more fun than seeing your child perform on stage with the many friends she made each summer!

Over the years, we have enjoyed many a show and concert at Metropolis, and when it converted to not-for-profit status, we were happy to sign on as financial supporters as well. Over time, we steadily increased our support and I became actively involved in planning various fundraising events for Metropolis, including my personal favorite, the annual Sunday Soiree. In December of 2011, I was privileged to join the Board of Directors for the organization.

My family loves living in Arlington Heights and we especially love its strong sense of community. We are very committed to supporting local business and supporting Metropolis furthers that commitment. Metropolis adds terrific value to the Arlington Heights community and I am happy to play a small role in its success. If you have not had an opportunity to visit the theater for your very own “date night,” I encourage you to do so soon! 

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Why I Support Metropolis: Board President Joe Lynn

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Why Metropolis? I am proud to be a part of an organization that enriches the lives of so many in our community. Whether it’s the buzz I hear in our lobby from audience members or the excitement of students in the elevator on their way to lessons at the School of the Performing Arts, I am energized in knowing that Metropolis has touched every one of them.

Our theatre is one of most amazing places in the northwest suburbs. Long before I joined the Metropolis Board of Directors, I was taken with the intimacy of the space and the amazing productions. The quality of our shows rivals what’s playing at any downtown Chicago theatre. As a board member, I’ve made a point of reaching out to our audience members, especially those who are visiting us for the first time, to see what they like (or don’t like) about what we do. And the most common feedback I get is that our shows provide a wonderful, professional evening of entertainment without the hassle of driving and parking downtown.

The School of the Performing Arts has fostered the growth of so many talented children and adults. To think that someone walking through our doors today could be touching piano keys for the first time, and that first touch could lead to a spectacular career in the arts, is overwhelming.  I’m so proud to know that Metropolis enriches our students’ lives with the skills that will be carried forward, whether it’s to the Broadway stage or the corporate boardroom.  (Having chosen the latter path, I can tell you the ability to think on your feet comes in handy.)

The team at Metropolis is the most dedicated, energetic, and enthusiastic group of individuals I’ve ever met. I can say without exaggeration that I have seen these people perform near-miracles in their everyday work. Without them, there would be no Metropolis. Their energy is infectious, and every time I walk through our space and speak with the staff, I walk out with a renewed sense of pride in what we do.

Finally, it’s the community that makes me glad to be a part of Metropolis. Since joining the board, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with our patrons and community members and have learned what they love about us and where they think we can improve. The support we get from the citizens and businesses in Arlington Heights and our neighboring villages reinforces the fact that Metropolis is an important part of our community and our lives. And we intend on being here for a very long time.

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Lend Me A Tenor, 2009

Lend Me A Tenor, 2009

As we’ve just wrapped up our 13th season, we decided to take a look back to see some of what we’ve accomplished since opening our doors in 2000.

We’ve had 5,054 performances of 674 different productions including musicals, comedies, dramas, new works, classics, concerts (of too many varieties to name!), dance, stand-up, improv, recitals, showcases, and student performances. We’ve sold just shy of 900,000 tickets to all those performances (894,385 tickets to be exact).

As a non-profit, we’re proud to have had 7,102 individuals and companies donate to us throughout the years. A big thanks to these generous folks – we truly couldn’t do what we do without your support.

Even with all these great accomplishments, we still believe the best is yet to come! We’re so excited for our 2013-14 season and can’t wait to share all the amazing shows we have in store with you.

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