From Metropolis to Kidz Bop

July 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

By Bryan Doyle

Their commercials flood the television stations, and for good reason. Kidz Bop, created in 2001, has been producing albums compiled of kid-friendly revisions of the latest hit songs, and as a result, Kidz Bop has been topping the charts for years now.

This year, Kidz Bop has chosen 5 new, young faces to record their newest album and Metropolis is proud to announce that one of their School of the Performing Arts students Steffan Argus has been awarded with the tremendous opportunity to join the Kidz Bop team. Steffan has been a student at Metropolis since 2005 and has flourished ever since.

Since joining the Metropolis family, Steffan has mastered his voice, guitar and the stage with leading roles in Those Little Rascals, Treasure Island and Bridge to Terabithia. As Steffan himself said “Metropolis has really helped show me what potential I have. The teachers have been so encouraging and supportive. Metropolis has been a huge part of making me want to pursue my dreams of professional performing.”

While balancing the wonders of traveling the country to promote the CD’s release and being a kid, Steffan has been going nonstop and there seems to be no slowing down. When asked about what his next move will be, he simply responded “I will continue entertaining people with music as a profession. I’m currently composing my own music and I plan to start recording my original work. We’ll see where it takes me….”


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