Baskerville: Taking a Classic to a Virtual World

January 11, 2021 § Leave a comment

Rising suspense. Excellent wit. Crackling energy. 

These characteristics are the foundation of Baskerville, the classic Sherlock Holmes mystery adapted by Ken Ludwig and being readied for streaming by our Metropolis. The tale, considered Arthur Conan Doyle’s finest work, is classic Sherlock: a murky murder, legend of a mad beast, a multi-faceted cast of witty characters supplying potent doses of humor as thrilling events spiral across the foggy moor. 

The qualities that make Baskerville a classic cliffhanger are also the attributes that make it perfect for “streaming” – broadcasting the show online for patrons near and far. The main characters – Holmes and Watson – are well known in the worlds of literature and stage. Yet, in keeping with Conan Doyle’s mysterious tales, Metropolis is offering a fresh take even on those venerable personalities. 

Baskerville employs a cast of five excellent actors who portray more than 40 characters throughout the twists and turns of the tale. The dazzling quick-change character transformations add to already scintillating pace and energy, making this show fun and suspenseful at the same time. 

The team at Metropolis is THRILLED to return to the work of theater. As the New Year begins with the dawn of exciting possibilities, our team returns to new shows with a roar. While Baskerville won’t have a live audience present in our theater, it epitomizes Metropolis’s mission: to bring the finest productions possible to our cherished audiences. 

Though the show will be recorded for broadcast, the production process replicates live theater to the highest degree possible while also incorporating and exceeding current health and safety protocols. These conditions have presented a number of hurdles to surmount but our team has relished in creative and dynamic solutions at every stage of this great stage production. 

In all cases, it is wonderful to return to the work we love and to engage again with the extended Metropolis Family. Happy New Year to everyone and WE’LL SEE YOU SOON!

Joe Keefe

Executive Artistic Director

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